We have a huge selection of portable construction heaters for rent in our Calgary warehouse. We also deliver fuel to construction sites with tankers that go directly to the refinery.

Electric Heaters

Heater elec 4800W 240V 1 Phase
Heater Elec 1000 - 1500w Baseboard
Heater Elec 1500W w/Fan
Heater Elec 220/600V

Ground heater for rent

Ground Heaters

Ground heater rentals, exchangers, and insulated tarps for construction sites in Calgary and the surrounding area.

Groundheater Diesel 1500/ read more…

heater duct


Heater Duct Fully Lined 12" x 12'
Heater Duct Partial Lined 12" x 12'
Heater Duct High Temp 1500° F 12" x 12'

kerosene heater


Heater Kerosene 125- 175m BTU Non-Vented
Heater Kerosene 320m BTU Vented
Heater Kerosene 420m BTU
Heater Diesel 1 million read more…

propane heater

Propane/Natural Gas

Potheater Propane 1OOm - 200m BTU
Heater Propane 150m BTU
Heater Propane 300m BTU Hose & Regulator
Heater read more…