Generators, Fans & Lights

orange extension cord

Extension Cords

Ext Cord 50' 10/3
Ext Cord 100' 10/3
Ext Cord 50' Exp. Proof 10/3
Ext Cord 100' Exp. Proof 10/3

electric fan


Blower Axial 8" Electric w/Duct
Blower Manhole 8" Gas
Blower Manhole 8" Electric
Blower Manhold 12" Electric
Blower read more…

sting lights with metal guard


Stringlights 50' w/Metal Guards
Stringlights 100' w/Metal Guards



Floodlight 150 - 300W S/Beam 50' Cord
Floodlight 300W X/P Class 1 Division 1
Floodlight 400W Metal Halide X/P Class 1 Division 2
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Light Towers

Light Tower Portable 6kW Diesel
Light Tower Portable 7 - 8kW Diesel
LightTower 14kW Diesel
Light Tower 20kw

small Generators for rent


All sizes of Diesel and Gas generators available for rent in Calgary, as well as refueling and delivery services. Contact us to discuss your specific read more…

power panel

Power Panels/ Tramsformers

Distribution C Panel 120/240V - 1 ph
Distribution Panel 600/480/220V
Distribution Panel 125/250V 50 amp read more…